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How to Confirm A Sugar Baby is Real or Not For Sugar Daddies

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In today's age, sugar dating is booming, with many successful men considering becoming sugar daddies, and many attractive women joining sites like SugarDaddy.com and Secret Benefits to change their lives for the better. As sugar dating becomes increasingly popular, demand increases supply, but that's not the only outcome. As a result, there is a greater risk of fraud. This article discusses how to determine whether a sugar baby is a real one.

There are many types of sugar baby scams:

Phony sugar girls on dating sites and social media

A sugar daddy has a greater chance of meeting a fake sugar baby than one who is genuine. Most scammers know that real SDs have money, and money is all they require. The following is a breakdown of the two types of sugar baby scams you might encounter while searching for a sugar relationship on online dating sites.

A facade identity: Scammers create false profiles, take your photos, and use them to create accounts that look appealing, but all they want is your money, or worse, your bank account information.

The swindler blackmails: A sugar baby fraudster creates a fake profile, uses videos and pictures of attractive women to taunt and have sex with them, etc. These women are those who falsely claim to be sugar babies. This type of crook primarily targets you for sending them explicit images, but once that's done, the worst starts. Are fake sugar babies only found on sugar dating sites? No, not at all. Moreover, a few of them have captivating profiles on some of the top social networks.

Sugar baby scams are also found on Instagram

Most of the time, sugar babies use Instagram to post seductive photos, await men to contact them, ask for money, and vow to meet them, but they never do. If you want to get in touch with a hottie on Instagram and want to send her cash, think twice: it's possible that you may not receive anything back. Moreover, the sugar relationships will not exist anymore.

It's interesting to note that hotties are also scammed. Sugar daddies can contact girls via Instagram and ensure that they will receive a few thousand dollars in allowance. When the woman agrees, he suggests using a cash app, and he sends her the fake official email, implying that money has been sent to her account. The fee is a few dollars. Sugar babies get paid, then give away their fees, and that's it. Generally, sugar daddies do not get scammed in such scams, but keep this script handy and don't be duped by others.

Spot a Fake Sugar Baby and Protect Yourself

There are many red flags that can help you blotch a fake sugar baby, and here are a few of them:

Prior to meeting a sugar baby, they usually demand money: It is common for real sugar daddies to charge for the first date in order to protect themselves from fakes. It is rare to ask for an allowance in advance before the actual date.

There is a delay in first meetings, either on a daily or weekly basis: It's common for sugar babies to promise to meet up one day. Yes, they could be real, but they wouldn't meet for the first time.

It's a blatant lie. There are fake photos, and she always makes excuses to avoid video chatting with you or setting up a date. The only things that matter to her are getting your trust and being paid. All she cares about is obtaining your money, and she will say anything to do so. Many of the details on her profile are misspelled, and her messages seem odd.

In exchange for mutually beneficial interactions, she asks for money without putting forth any effort, without even being a sugar baby of yours. When you gain her trust, she will confide in you about cancelled flights, stolen credit cards, and many other emergencies. Moreover, don't trust her.

These sugar daddies trust them because they think they have met the real sugar babies and they will meet them soon before taking advantage of them and sending money or making promises that will never materialize. What are the best ways to avoid being scammed?

Anyone can fall prey to dating fraudsters, but there are a few rules you should follow when dating online safely. Here are a few tips to help you avoid scammers and lose your money online:

Many websites and apps connect SBs and SDs, but finding a safe, trustworthy, legitimate platform like Secret Benefits or Seeking Arrangement on the web can be difficult. Before choosing a dating app or website, do your research about where you can find real sugar babies. A lot of dating apps and platforms with an excellent reputation prohibit fake profiles created by "rich men" or "hot babies" who use fake photos or steal identities.

Do not Divulge any Personal Information on Sugar Dating Websites

That is how you can keep your banking information secure. Never divulge your bank information to anybody, under any circumstance.

Don't Send Anyone Money Before Having a Face-to-face Conversation

During your relationship, sugar babies may ask for financial assistance, gifts to help with bills, student loans, rent, etc. However, these things will only transpire once you've become close to your date.

Don't disclose too much about your personal life, and don't send explicit pictures or videos to strangers.


It's safer for sugar daddies to use sugar dating sites than for sugar babies, who might encounter a fake sugar baby. However, this does not negate the existence of fake SBs or their intention to hack your bank account, obtain your personal information, or transfer funds. What to do if you encounter a sugar baby who is out to scam you. Use the tips in this guide to avoid becoming a victim. Scammers ask for money for no reason at all; professional SBs will only accept money if they can mutually benefit from it. Moreover, use the dating sites where you can find verified sugar babies.